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Screenmobile of Charlotte, NC

The History of The Screenmobile

The Original Screenmobile

The father and sons team of Monty M., Scott D. and Monty L. Walker, started The Screenmobile in 1980 with the dream, the concept, and- after months of planning- the business plan. Conceptually, it was to become the largest and best screening business the world has ever known, with honesty and integrity as the power source and expansion based upon franchising. These three founders envisioned hundreds of well trained independent operators following their proven business plan: all with the same training, all uniform in appearance, and all professional in their manner. They envisioned these people to be family oriented, God- fearing individuals from all walks of life who, by choice, want to return to or already live in rural America. The operator search would focus upon young families just starting their business careers and those people desiring to leave the, once attractive, corporate world.

ScreenmobileBut first, the founders had to become successful mobile screening business owners themselves. So, in 1980 they converted a used tent trailer into the first Screenmobile and started advertising initially in the Penny Saver. According to their plan, the trailer itself was to be the major source of advertising. This proved to be true, and was the main strategy leading to the success of The Screenmobile.

ScreenmobileMonty M.’s garage in Glendora, California became the very first Screenmobile shop and one of his bedrooms- the first office. Screenmobile's first paid employee was Sharleen, Monty M.’s wife and she was responsible for answering the phone and paying the bills.

As soon as the trailer was exposed to the public in, the phone started ringing off the hook. The Screenmobile was proven to be a successful program that was attractive and acceptable to the public. At the end of their first year in operation in 1981, The Screenmobile was declared a success.  During the second year, the founders opened another operation in the Palm Springs, CA area. This location was 90 miles from Glendora,  and they put the first all-metal trailer into service. It too, was a big hit with the public and at the end of the second year, 1983; the second operation was declared a success.

ScreenmobileIn 1984, the founders formed The Screenmobile Corporation and obtained their first State acknowledged Uniform Offering Circular to sell franchises. Shortly thereafter, 3 young rural American families became the first Screenmobile franchisees. More followed in 1985, and it hasn't stopped since. Today, we are still the best educated and largest family of window and door screeners in the world.

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